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Frogglez Kids Sharkz

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Sharkz Frogglez have blue silicone goggles with blue tinted lenses. Equally popular for boys and girls alike, Sharkz embrace the joy of swimming and imaginative thinking. Black shark scales decorate the shiny blue fabric and let kids imagine they’re a creature from the deep.

Frogglez kid's goggles fit most boys and girls ages 3-10.


eyepiece: one-piece silicone goggles with impact-resistant polycarbonate. lenses. 100% UV protection. Anti-fog coating.

strap: 100% polyester

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Care Instructions

Rinse in clean water after each use

Air dry before storing

Keep out of sun and heat when not in use

Don’t touch the inside of the lens; it makes the anti-fog coating deteriorate faster

Other Uses

Our durable and stable neoprene strap is great for swim and snorkel masks, or you can pair it with almost any goggles.